Are you struggling with the results of a Divorce or Separation? Do you worry about how this will affect your Child’s life in a negative way?

Years of research and experience show us that Divorce can be one of the most traumatic events a human being can go through. It has been shown that dealing with a divorce can be similar to dealing with the death of a loved one. Imagine the impact on the young people that have to go through this separation! It is truly life altering and has negatively affected many children’s lives over the years. If you would like to get freedom from this vicious cycle for you or a loved one, contact me right away for a free consultation. The pain and suffering does not usually go away on its own…

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Powerful Videos

Marty on The Dr. Sue Internet Radio Show

“If a problem arises, he wants to talk to Marty”

Thank you for the work you have done with my grandson. You’ve helped him stay focused through crisis and life challenges.
Marty is very compassionate, very concerned and committed to the well being of his clients. He helps Shaun with coping skills, physical, as well as mental.
Marty has been a tremendous support system in my life. He has had such a positive impact in my teenage grandson’s life. If a problem arises, he wants to talk to Marty. He has learned new coping skills that have helped him manage the daily stress that faces many teenagers today.
Marty has helped my grandson’s self esteem and has had a positive influence on our family as a whole. Shaun looks forward to his sessions with Marty.


Terri K.



Marty is a skilled life coach and mentor, who has helped me to see my challenges from a brighter, more optimistic perspective. He is determined to help transform difficulties and relationship turmoil into opportunities for deeper connection, reconciliation and positive outcomes.

He has been effective at helping me come up with achievable goals and staying accountable at following through on my word. Marty is a wonderful person who I have had the pleasure to work with the past few months.

I highly recommend Marty to any young person who feels stuck, depressed, confused about their life’s purpose or unmotivated. Marty will help awaken you to your true potential.

Aubrey D.
I have been working with Marty as my personal coach for a few months now. He keeps me on task and focused on what’s important to produce results. He also works with me on my relationship with my girlfriend.

Marty listens closely and without judgment and has me look at things from other perspectives. He is very easy to talk to and I look forward to the times that we speak.

Marty recently started working with my son, who is 13, and has ADHD. Marty’s young energy and easy going personality made it very easy for them to create a bond. They are working together to set goals to support my son in completing 8th grade. I think it’s the perfect match.

I would highly recommend Marty.

Eddie G.

The Top 5 Warning Signs to Notice in a Young Person Suffering as a Result of a Divorce

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