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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Having Awareness and Being Observant are Keys to Personal Growth

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Having awareness as a human being, in general, is extremely important. Ever since ancient times, being observant and having awareness have played a huge role in lives. People lived in very small groups and it was key to observe other’s actions and motives in order for the society to function. As time went on, observation expanded into larger societies, but started to occur much less. This may be due to the [...]

Integrity – The Foundation for a Successful Human Being

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If you don't define who you are, how will anyone know how to treat you? When people hear the word integrity, they think moral uprightness or someone with a great deal of pride in their steadfast beliefs. In a different context, integrity can also mean "the state of being whole and undivided". When we've solidified our integrity, we can stand any flux or change. As Lincoln famously stated in his Gettysburg [...]