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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Gratitude – A Key to Happiness

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As kids we were taught to say 'thank you', and were often praised when we were polite enough to remember it. But, at some point in our maturing, 'thank you' loses its power. Saying it becomes more like saying "I recognize what you've done for me" rather than true gratitude for what they did. How does one express gratitude when 'thank you' isn't enough? Often this is fixed when we accompany [...]

The True Power of Loyalty…

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Why is a dog deemed mans best friend? Dogs love whole heartedly, always forgive you when you get impatient, are always excited to see you, always greet you even if you woke them up, and they are loyal. When they choose to love you, they choose you for life. This means defending you, caring for you, sticking by you, forgiving you, choosing to love you every day and showing it. Whether [...]