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Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Power of Compassion

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Compassion often times gets shrugged off as an attribute of the weak. But, it takes strength to push yourself out of the way to see beyond yourself, win the battle against your own emotions and hold back your own needs to attend to others'. It is an attribute of people who are compassionate with themselves, before they begin to give it to others. Compassion does favors for the giver and the [...]

Taking a Look at Faith and Its importance…

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The word Faith has always maintained a strong connotation. A strong faith in God can cause wars between nations, internal turmoil from neighborhoods through politics, holocausts and persecutions, and racism and prejudice. Faith in God and humanity can also be our saving grace that inspires people to volunteer, help others, and change the world for the long term. All in all, faith evokes an image of drastic, life-changing emotion and powerful [...]