Life Circles Three Areas of Expertise

At Life Circles we believe that if you can change your thinking, you can change your life. It has been shown in psychology that your mind has a huge impact on how you view the world and the emotions and feelings that come with that perspective. We offer our clients several different ways to change their thinking to get the results they want in their life. One is through our counseling program. The counseling program helps you deal with issues that may have arisen based on your upbringing, experiences and your parents and environment. Our one of a kind coaching program, helps you look at what are doing in the present, including your thoughts and actions, and what you want to accomplish in the future. We specialize in supporting people that are going through a divorce, specifically the children. In general, parents going through a divorce don’t realize the traumatic impact that it has on the children. Being a child of divorce, I have personally experienced this and done the work to break through the issues that were created from my parents separation. Lastly, our workshops are extremely powerful and effective. We support teens and young people in overcoming barriers and challenges that are currently in their lives. From there, we work on creating a different future that inspires and empowers them and some action steps to accomplish their new future.


Trying to figure out what stops you in life? Our counseling program is the right area for you. We help you work through past issues and overcome mental struggles and barriers. From there, we are able to work toward creating a new inspiring future.

Life Coaching

Want to accomplish your goals and dreams, then our coaching program is the right place for you! We work on areas you are presently affected by and where you want your future to go. We provide accountability and support in striving for your life’s dreams.


Our workshops are powerful and extremely engaging. We specifically work with teens and young adults that are struggling in different areas of their lives, ranging from troubled relationships to acting out in their lives. Our breakthrough workshop is titled “Teen Potentials” and is truly a life changer in young people’s lives. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing us in for one of our patented workshops.

How You Can Benefit

      • Clients are able to overcome trauma and suffering and create happiness in their life
      • Clients are able to reconnect in their important relationships and create new fulfilling relationships
      • Clients are able to achieve profound results in the area of career, relationships, and family, among other areas
      • Clients get “Out of their funks” and start producing results in life again
      • Clients become more turned on about their lives and their passion and vitality returns
      • Clients start to fall in love with themselves again

What Clients Say

Matika Life Coaching has been instrumental in keeping me on track to achieving my goals over the last 9 months. I have seen positive results in my business, my personal life, and overall balance in my life. The accountability aspect of the coaching really is a great structure to maintain consistency in an inconsistent world.
Steve S.
I have been working with Marty as my personal coach for a few months now. He keeps me on task and focused on what’s important to produce results. Marty listens closely and without judgment and has me look at things from other perspectives.
Eddie G.
Trying to stay on track with my personal and professional goals is definitely a challenge with two kids under 5 and two working parents. I lean on Marty monthly to review my goals and be accountable to someone besides myself. He has insight and wisdom beyond his years. Thanks Marty!
Mike F.