Very few people have been graced with the opportunity or motivation for great service, and when you are one of those lucky ones it would only be a waste not taking advantage of it. All people that are born on this planet have callings and missions or else they would not be alive. I believe in being a helper of others and to put others before yourself. This is something that is practiced around the world and in many different religions. In places like West Africa (where Ousmane is from), people are taught to give more than they take and to be of service to others. Being of service to someone can help people sleep better at night and feel better about themselves as people, no matter how large or small the act was. As human beings it feels good knowing that you somehow had a positive impact on someone other than yourself. Helping others see situations from a different viewpoint can also lead to a positive change. There seems to be a lot of closed-minded thinkers in this world who don’t think optimistically or hopefully about certain situations. In these situations, service is needed the most. For some people, it is important to do all that they can to helps others because they have had someone in their lives do that for them. This is a way to pay it forward and be of service. There is so much coldness and disconnect in our world right now so going out of your way to help someone can go a long way. Sometimes there can be fear and trepidation in helping someone you don’t know. The term bystander effect means that if an individual needs assistance, the pedestrians nearby may glance at the individual and think that the next person will help. Because of these situations there are many people who could have avoided harm or been helped by another but were instead passed by. It is important to be the helper and not the pedestrian just watching. By helping other individuals, it can change your perspective to a more positive one and make you happier and make another person’s day. It is important to break these barriers of looking good or wanting to be just of our own selfish interests and open ourselves up to others so we can help them and be of service. This may sound like it is all about others but when we are of service, the biggest beneficiary actually is ourselves. We feel better about ourselves as people and feel a deeper fulfillment in life. So look around your life and ask, “How can I serve today”?

– Marty and Ousmane, Life Circles

Life Circles

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