Women are the real architects of our society. Although undermined and misunderstood, women have come a long way throughout history because being a woman on the earth has been anything but easy. Were it not for the unbelievable strength of our mothers, where exactly would we be today? Women have struggled to be accepted into society as equals to men, whether being denied the right to vote, or the right to choose your own spouse and even getting paid a reasonable salary. Women have the potential to change how they are viewed in our world today, and it all starts within the communities that they live in. it is very important that women stand up for what they believe in and never allow anyone else to tear down their dreams or beliefs. We are now in 2017 and women are still not paid the same as men, regardless if they have the same position as a man in the same company. That is in no way fair or even acceptable, as a person living in a society. More often than not a woman’s work and production is over looked do to the hierarchy of the men in that same line of work, but it is up to women to break the cycle. Usually women are the main caregivers at home and so when it comes to having a career, some people may feel that a woman’s place is in the home but that is not a fair assumption. The American culture is encouraging more women power and is succeeding slowly while countries such as Guinea in West -Africa still fail to give up the ancient belief that women are meant for reproducing, cooking and cleaning. Although there are exceptions of women who work with the government or with corporate offices, the percentages are still low. The pressures of being a woman in a man’s world can be almost unbearable, but there are women who do the unthinkable. All they needed was the motivation, drive and opportunity to prove themselves to the best of their abilities. We came so close to having a woman as the next president and although she was not successful, she proved to those other millions of women out there that it is possible to stand up next to a man, and have the same opportunities to prove themselves and show their abilities to change this world.
– Marty and Ousmane, Life Circles

Life Circles

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