Having awareness as a human being, in general, is extremely important. Ever since ancient times, being observant and having awareness have played a huge role in lives. People lived in very small groups and it was key to observe other’s actions and motives in order for the society to function. As time went on, observation expanded into larger societies, but started to occur much less. This may be due to the fast-paced society we live in today. What we must never forget is to always remain aware of yourself and others. Noticing details about your environment and the people around you is vital for your own personal growth and self-understanding.
According to Funders & Founders, in one average lifetime, humans come in contact with approximately 80,000 different people. No person on this earth is identical to any other. Everyone has unique and intricate characteristics that make the diversity and variety of humans on this earth amazing. This world is filled with different cultures, lifestyles, religions, ethnicities, beliefs, mannerisms—-the list can go on. There is so much to learn about other people. There are so many opportunities as well. It is our job on this earth to be very mindful of the people in our life around us. Being observant about the people in our lives is extremely crucial to be able to understand someone to the fullest potential. Being observant of the people around you also helps us weed out negativity and danger. Warning signs are almost always prevalent in humans who are negative or dangerous, and one should always be mindful and observant of that. Letting those types of people in your life can ultimately cause a major roadblock in your life trajectory and impact you forever. Thus, stunting growth and development as healthy and happy human beings. Being observant of the people in your life is vital. Being observant in your environment is crucial from differentiating what makes you feel most comfortable and what does not. You must always focus on what is going on around you and not so much in your head. Focus on the little details in your life that may make you unhappy and fix them. Little problems build up over time. Be aware of your work or school life, home life, and where you are physically located. Your safety in your environment is key. Be mindful of what is going on around you at all times.
Most importantly is being self aware of ourself. Noticing when something triggers you or put you into a bad space is crucial to having peace and harmony in one’s life. If something frustrates you and you notice it, you can change your reaction to it. This may not come overnight, but more as a practice to develop oneself as a human being and growing to our full potential. I would strongly encourage everyone who reads this post, to take a look at themselves in a deeper manner. This will lead to personal growth and better relationships with yourself and others. Ultimately, this will lead to a better life. Being aware of yourself and others is a key to living a safe, healthy, and comfortable life. You must always be mindful of everything around you. You will ultimately grow and learn from your observations, and with age and time, this will continue. You are constantly learning. You are constantly growing. Being aware and observant is one of the keys to personal growth.

– Marty and Claudia, Life Circles