Tranquility. Balance. These are both very important aspects of life that many of us never take time to realize. Life is constantly bustling. We live in an extremely fast paced society that always has our minds being pulled in many different directions. The only time the majority of people take time to relax is when they come home from work and go to sleep, and possibly some times on the weekends. This is not enough. Our bodies can only take so much. Most importantly, our mind can only take so much. Balance is something that individuals must have in their lives to create some sense of peace despite the commotion of daily life. If we do not take time off to create an equal balance between work and relaxation, our bodies can suffer severe negative consequences. These negative consequences can include sleep disorders, illness, increased agitation/irritability, loss or increase in appetite/weight, and much more.
Some may think it is impossible to squeeze in enough time for relaxation and tranquility during their days. In reality, it is much easier than one may think. Your body is a temple. It is extremely important to treat it with care and nourishment. It is the only thing you have to live in and if you neglect to care for it, the negative consequences listed earlier may arise. Listen to your body. If it is telling you it needs you, it is your obligation to listen to it. As previously stated in the previous articles about peace and meditation, taking time out of your day to listen to yourself and be present in a given moment is extremely beneficial to our health and is an extreme contributor to finding balance in your life. The creation of balance provides many beneficial consequences to your life. It allows your body to regroup and become rejuvenated and can help with increased efficiency/productivity, happier/positive thinking, better physical health, improved relationships and the list goes on and on. Your mind and body will love you back if you take the time to love it. Balance is easy to create and many people can lose sight of that. Making these little changes in your life can make all of the difference in your social life, work life, family life, and personal life. Balance is dynamic. It is constantly changing and self awareness is your key to understanding what you need at any given time. I strongly suggest that everyone that reads this blog, stop for a minute, do some breathing and be present. Watch the positive impact this will have for you.
“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” –Thomas Merton
Marty and Claudia, Life Circles