Acceptance in life is not only necessary, but extremely powerful when it is applied. As human beings, there are many things in life that we have no control over. External forces can dictate so much in our lives, and with that can cause us great joy, or in some cases, great pain. I am going to use a newly married couple as an example. The newlyweds have decided they are ready to have their first child. After many attempts, they do not have success. They turn to a fertility specialist for help, and even after many rounds of in vitro fertilization, still no success. This is where acceptance must come into play. In order for the couple to be able to move on from something they have no control over, they must be able to forgive and accept that having a biological child wasn’t going to occur. Death is another occurrence in one’s life trajectory that acceptance plays a huge role in. Acceptance can come in all different forms, but is not always an easy process. Learning to accept is something that is very beneficial to learn early on in life, so that it can stick with you as you grow and go through different experiences. Our own attitudes dictate what experiences in life can be deemed as ‘negative’ or ‘unpleasant’. A simple shift in our way of thinking can ultimately lead to more positive attitudes about negative things, which is a gateway to acceptance. Letting go is also another important attribute in acceptance. It is important to move past your past and any negative emotions, feelings, or people in your life. Once you let go, you will be able to accept that the negative occurrences in life were meant to happen for a reason, and for that reason can vary from person to person, but the ultimate mutual outcome in the end for everyone is that it made them stronger. Acceptance is a great lesson to learn for everyone. You will learn a lot about yourself as you grow and learn about acceptance. You will learn about self worth and to never settle for less than you deserve. A famous quote from the book, Perks of Being a Wallflower, once stated, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Which is very true in retrospect. We must accept to love ourselves before we give our hearts away to someone else. Some people believe that acceptance is the lowest form of love. We, as human beings, would be empowered if we could accept our life for the way it is. Learn to let go, and learn to live beautifully.

– Marty and Claudia, Life Circles