I want to delve into the topic of perspective. Perspective is an interesting topic. It is something we all possess but is unique to each of us. For example, I have noticed that if several people are in a car that gets into an accident and you interview each one, they will have a different perspective of what happened. How is this possible? They were all in the same car and the same accident at the same time. This shows how we all have unique perspectives in life. None of them are right or wrong, but it would behoove you to look at the results they are producing in your life and see if you are okay with the results. If we are sick of the way we are looking at things in our life, we have the power to make a change. We may not always know how to do this, but I promise you it is possible. I honestly believe that “All we can control is our Perspective in Life”. Now what does that really mean? My take is that we do have control over how we view situations in our life, although it may seem automatic or ingrained from a young age. Experiences and how we grew up has a lot to do with how we perceive things and can ultimately shape our perspective in life. Now that doesn’t mean we are confined to always view things that way. We are not victims rather we have control over this and can change it at any point. One such example is that of someone who has a life-threatening situation take place and then wants to live everyday to the fullest after they survive it. It is the same human being but they have radically changed their perspective in their life in a short period of time.
In my personal life I grew up with a really pessimistic view of life that resulted from the divorce of my parents and the transpiring events that took place. After high school, I was sick of the way things were going in my life and the way I viewed everything. SO I picked up a book, the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, and my life started to change. This is when I first understood that I could look at things in a different light. Ever since I completed the book, I transformed my viewpoint from that of a pessimistic one to an optimistic one. Now that book may not change everyone’s life like it did mine, but there are ways to accomplish a perspective change for anyone. One way may be reading a book that looks at positive ways to view life and the situations in it. Another way is doing a transformative workshop like the Landmark Forum or the Millionaire Mind Intensive, which both have people transform their lives by changing their perspective. A third way could be working with a life coach or therapist to transform your thinking and perception. Each person is different so some ways may work for some and not for others. Ultimately I encourage you all to do something to look at your perspective in life and see if it empowers you in your life or provides you negative results. If you are not happy with it, you may want to try one of the 3 things I previously mentioned. Until next time, All the best to my loyal Readers!