At birth, you are given the amazing gift of life. You take your first breath, and from there on, your life begins. What many do not realize, is that at birth, you are given something that cannot be seen. A blank canvas. As we grow and learn new things in life, we are constantly painting our lives through our thoughts, experiences, and ideas. When we are young, we are taught things by our caregivers that help us create a foundation of how to think and look at the world and ourselves. As we continue to grow into young adulthood, new ideas and thoughts are constantly flowing and may flourish into our minds. As adulthood quickly approaches, more and more important life events occur, all being added to the canvas as well. Your painting never stops creating itself. It will continue long after you are gone because you as an individual, and your legacy matters forever. Every day we wake up with the intent of having a good day. We set goals for ourselves short term and long term. Many of us tend to lose sight, that for the most part, we have control over aspects of our lives. We are able to make right decisions, eliminate negativity, and surround ourselves with utter happiness. That is one of the major goals in life, to be happy. We must create this happiness for ourselves, and be mindful of this, or else it will not happen. We are able to use our creativity and map out what we want to accomplish in life. Our goals and aspirations all lay within our minds and attitudes. Every single person on this earth is different, and every single person uses his or her creativity to create a beautiful and unique canvas. Think back to when you were a child. You may have had dreams and aspirations as to what they you to be when they grow up and what you want to accomplish for yourself as an individual. You began to use creativity at such a young age, without even realizing it. Creativity is so important and allows us to create a life the way we intend to live it. Creativity also allows us to think abstractly, and quite beautifully at times. We are in control of our lives and we can create how we perceive things and how we react to things. We are in charge of our creativity and the power that comes with it. We can create our perfect spouse or our perfect job, even other things that matter to us. One exercise in creativity that you could try is to create a great romantic partner or job for yourself. When we work with clients, we will have them make a list of all the qualities or attributes that they want in their ideal future partner or job. It is almost like magic that things start to show up in the clients’ lives that move them closer to their goals, after they make this list. When you tell the universe what you are trying to create, the universe will get behind you and support you. The universe doesn’t judge, so whatever you are looking for, you will likely get. Very powerful exercise you can try for yourself at any time. Life is not always a perfect painting. It is the imperfections and flaws that make it beautiful. Allow your creativity to flow on a daily basis and go outside of your comfort zone at times. You must fill your canvas of life to its fullest potential, and without creativity, this will not be possible.

– Marty and Claudia, Life Circles