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Vulnerability…The Key to Great Relationships and Great Love!

When we’re kids, we hit a certain age when we start building, brick by brick, a wall of boundaries. We are no longer comfortable changing in public, talking to strangers, talking about personal details of our lives, showing strong emotions like anger or crying in front of just anyone, and we are much less eager […]

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Taking a look at Love…

Taking a Look at Love

Loving means allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to get hurt, to be abandoned, to be rejected, to lose pieces of yourself when you give to that other person. Love is the most confusing thing we’re capable of doing and no one really understands it. Through all types of love, there’s […]

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Trust – A Cornerstone of Life

Nothing can survive without trust. Whether we like it or not, everyone has to trust in something else in order to get through the day. We trust our food is fresh and prepared cleanly. We trust that the bus driver will arrive on time or that our mechanic fixed our car so it can function. […]

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